We are a team of therapists who believe in taking our proven methods and tailoring them to the ever evolving needs of an individual to make a truly individualized treatment plan.

SPOT Services was created by request to fill a need in our communities for innovative and accessible rehab services. At SPOT each therapy is as unique as each individual. The needs, goals, abilities, and potential abilities of each person are woven into a comprehensive treatment plan just for them. Our goal is providing the connection between what a person is doing and what a person wants to be doing! 


SPOT prides itself on providing skilled therapy that is fun and flexible that works with all pieces of a person's life to make the biggest impact possible. In addition to providing comprehensive services to every age, we are passionate about bridging the gap between therapy, township services, and community programs for children. SPOT is a place where families have a voice in their loved ones care. SPOT aims to come along side each family to help them navigate the disconnected web of public, private, and community services integrating them for the best outcome and quality of life.


Because of our commitment to the communities we serve, we are continuously developing programming for children with special needs such as dance class or yoga. We believe these programs are integral to the development and quality of life of every person and therefore should be accessible.